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Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle Playset



51ryBnf0T4LThe Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle Playset is a fantastic new toy which will be loved by every Tree Fu Tom fan.
You can go on a fun adventure with Tom and his friends as they explore the castle in Treetopolis – just keep away from those troublesome Mushers!
The castle is made to the highest standards and includes a number of Tree Fu Tom.
There is a trap door, a wind up super lift and a secret hideaway bookcase to explore.
So come inside and have a look around one of the best Tree Fu Tom Toys available. 


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Tree Fu Tom Costume

How would you like to look and dress like Tom?

Well now you can – with the Tree Fu Tom Magic Sapstone Belt!

The sapstone belt is the source of Tom's Big World Magic and it is now available for you to buy and enjoy.

When you move, the sapstone belt starts to glow – and the more you move, the more it glows, sending all the Big World Magic to Tom.

This is a brilliant toy and will be loved by any Tree Fu Tom fan.


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Tree Fu Tom Toys – Books

Tree Fu Tom Toys - Tree Fu Tom Books

Tree Fu Tom Toys are delighted to announce that a set of Tree Fu Tom Books will be available from January 2013 onwards. These will bring the stories of Tree Fu Tom, Twigs, Arelia, Squirm Tum and Zigzoo to the page and will form the beginning of wonderful ideas of childrens imagination and games.

The books are going to include titles such as:

  • Tree Fu Tom Fun Sticker Book
  • Tree Fu Tom: Twigs and the Wishing Pebble
  • Tree Fu Tom Hide and Squeak
  • Tree Fu Tom Search for the Squizzle
  • Tree Fu Tom: Tree Fu Go
  • Tree Fu Tom: Magical 3D Colouring Book

You can be certain that the books will be Tree Fu Tastic


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Tree Fu Tom Tree Fu Go DVD

Tree Fu Tom Toys and DVD

Tree Fu Tom, Tree Fu Go, the first Tree Fu Tom DVD is released on 22 October 2012. It will have Tree Fu Tom and all his adventures with Twig, Squirm Tum and all the others in Treetopolis.

The release of the first Tree Fu Tom DVD indicates that more are likely to be available over the coming months, especially as new episodes have been released and will whet the appetite even further. Tree Fu Tom toys will also be available very soon.

You can order the new Tree Fu Tom DVD by clicking on the link below.


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Mike the Knight Toy

Mike the Knight Toys and Tree Fu Tom Toys

Mike the Knight Toys and Tree Fu Tom Toys

Mike the Knight is a 10 year old knight in training, whose father has gone to discover adventure.

With the help of his 2 dragon friends, Squirt and Sparkie, together with his horse Galahad, Mike the Knight tries to become the bravest knight of all.

His sister, Evie, is a wizard in training and often she is needed to help Mike when he gets into a spot of bother!

The Mike the Knight toy range of merchandise includes Mike the Knight toys, Mike the Knight DVDs and even a Mike the Knight shield.


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Star Wars

Star Wars is the ultimate story of good against evil! The Dark Side is represented by characters such as Darth Mawl, Count Dooku, Darth Sidious and of course Darth Vader.

Heroes like Yoda, Obi Wan Kenobe, Luke Skywalker and R2D2 must be at their very best if the Dark Side is to be defeated and balance restored to the Force!

You can enjoy so many different Star Wars games by pretending to be different characters or by building the many Lego models that are available.

May the Force be With You.


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Explore, Rescue, Protect!

The Octonauts are a team of underwater scientists and explorers who are dedicated to exploring the seas for undiscovered creatures and exciting adventures.

Captain Barnacles is their brave leader and he is ably assisted by Kwasi, Peso, Tweak, Shellington, Dashi and Professor Inkling.

The range of Octonauts toys is brilliant, from the amazing Octopod, to models of the famous Gups, piloted by the brave Octonauts.

The Gup A is a stong vehicle for several Octonauts, but the Gup B is more like a speedy sports car, driven by the former pirate Kwasi. Have a look at all of the Octonauts available below.