Tree Fu Tom Toys

Tree Fu Tom inhabits the magical world of Treetopolis and has many adventures with his friends as they enjoy playing Squizzle, eating cakes and using magic spells to keep the naughty Mushas at bay!

A magical tree in Tom’s garden is where the land of Treetopolis is set and, at the start of each episode, Tom is able to use his power belt to shrink him to the size of the other insects so that he can explore this magical world.

Tree Fu Tom Characters

Tree Fu Tom

Tom is the star of the show. He is a kind and intelligent boy who uses his magical belt to get from the big world to Treetopolis. Tom is very good at spells, but he does not show off and is always looking for ways to help his friends during their adventures.


Twigs is Tree Fu Tom’s best friend. He is very energetic and sometimes quite silly, but he is excellent at playing Squizzle and he has a kind heart and a great sense of humour.


Zigzoo is a crazy inventor tree frog, living in Treetopolis. His inventions are always very ambitious, but they often don’t work out as well as he would like. These setbacks don’t stop Zigzoo from trying his best to come up with something useful though, especially if he is able to impress Ariela.


Squirmtum is a woodlouse who works as a miner of magic sap in the caves of Treetopolis. He is a hard working fellow, but he is not the cleverest of creatures! He makes up for this with his kind heart and his energy. Squirmtum is able to curl up into a ball and roll at high speeds when necessary. 


Ariela is a beautiful, confident butterfly. She rums the Branch Ranch at Treetopolis and is very independent, never liking to accept help from others. She is competitive and can be impatient sometimes, but she is always there whenever her friends need her.

Rickety McGlum

Rickety is an elderly spider who lives inside the tree at Treetopolis. When we first met him, it was thought that Rickety was a scary character, but actually as Tree Fu Tom and the others got to know him, it became clear that he is actually a very friendly spider.

Treetog the Tree Spirit

Treetog is the friendly leader of Treetopolis and she is also the school teacher. She is very patient and has taught Tree Fu Tom many spells which have proved useful.

The Mushas

Puffy and Stink are the 2 naughty mushas, who misbehave and cause a lot of chaos in Treetopolis. They love to make a nuisance of themselves, but often their pranks are defeated by Tom and the others, which leads to Puffy and Stink fighting among themselves.

Tree Fu Tom Figures

If you want to play with Tree Fu Tom and the other characters, these Tree Fu Tom figures are perfect. They can be posed and moved easily and are fun to play with. The pack of 4 includes Tree Fu Tom, Zigzoo, Twigs and Ariela.


Tree Fu Tom Ultimate Tom

The Tree Fu Tom Ultimate Tom is a brilliant toy for any fan. He is about 30cm tall and is fully posable, so that you can move him into lots of different positions. He even has wings which pop out when you press a button on his chest.

Ultimate Tom has 30 different phrases from the show as well as various lights and sounds controlled from his belt


Tree Fu Tom Costume

Every Tree Fu Tom fan will love this Tree Fu Tom costume, allowing them to play the part of Tom in their own adventures. It includes a belt, but if you want the full [glowing belt] this has to be bought separately. The Tree Fu Tom outfit is generally a good size for children aged about 3 – 4.


Tree Fu Tom Sapstone belt and holopax

The Sapstone belt and holopax are the keys to Tom’s magical powers in Treetopolis and this set is a brilliant way to experience being Tree Fu Tom for yourself. It is made from soft fabric, with adjustable velcro and includes lights to add to the fun. When you press a button on the holopax it open up and then pressing the sapstone belt will make it glow. The velcro means that it is very simple to adjust the size of the belt.


Tree Fu Tom Skateboard

The Tree Fu Tom skateboard is a wonderful way to get around Treetopolis at speed and in style. It is shaped like a leaf (rather like the Tree Fu Tom leafboard) and it’s easy to imagine Twigs flying around on this skateboard. At the moment, despite some demand for them, it is not possible to buy a Tree Fu Tom bike or a Tree Fu Tom scooter.


Tree Fu Tom Castle and Playset

The Tree Fu Tom Castle and Adventure Playset is one of the most popular of all the Tree Fu Tom Toys and with good reason. It is a brilliant way to develop imagine and play with Tom and his friends as they explore Treetopolis.

You can make Tom fly around by twisting the top of the castle and if you wind up the Super Lifto, Tom and the leafboard will go up to the top floor. You can turn on the light on the seeking crystal and then use the crystal light to try to find those naughty Mushas. Have they been up to their usuak tricks again? They love to cover the castle in secret splats.

The Tree Fu Tom Castle also has a spell book and a secret trap door and a hiding place for Tom. 

This is a great toy for any Tree Fu Tom fan. 


Tree Fu Tom Bedding

If you want to stay in Treetopolis even at night time, this set of Tree Fu Tom Bedding is perfect. It is made up of a 135cm x 200cm single duvet cover and pillow case. To give even better value for money, the duvet set is reverse able, so you will get 2 different designs to enjoy. They are bright, comfortable and attractive. 

If you want to fully deck out a bedroom in the style of Tree Fu Tom, then you might want to add this Tree Fu Tom Poster


Tree Fu Tom DVDs

There are many different Tree Fu Tom DVDs available to allow children to immerse themselves in the world of Tom and Treetopolis.

The box below shows all of the latest Tree Fu Tom DVDs for ease of use.

Tree Fu Tom Episodes


When a colony of hungry bees moves onto the ranch, Ariela's unwillingness to share her nectar spells disaster for everyone.

The situation escalates and lands her friends, her critters and her whole ranch in danger.

Tree Fu Tom needs to use Big World Magic to avert a sticky end and save the day.

Crystal Catastrophe

When Tom and Twig accidentally break Treetog's casting crystal, it is a race against time to find a replacement before all the magic runs out of Treetopolis!

As their differences lead to squabbles, the rescue and the friendship is threatened. Tree Fu Tom needs to use Big World Magic, but the mission will only succeed if he and Twigs learn to appreciate their differences!

Fungus among Us

The Mushas (Puffy & Stink), trick Tom and Twigs into carrying out their plans to mess up Treetop Castle.

If Tretopolis and his friends are to be saved from a sticky situation, Tom must summon up the courage to question things he knows in his heart are not to be trusted.

As the stinky slime grows, he needs Big World Magic to save the day, tidy up the town and spoil the fiendish Musha's plans!

Hide and Squeak

A game of hide and seek goes wrong when Squirm Tum's fear of the dark causes a disaster.

Tree Fu Tom has to use Big World Magic to save his friends and Treetopolis from a cavernous calamity

May the Best Berry Win

The day of the Treetopolis Chuckleberry contest has arrived again. Ariela won last year and is determined to hold onto the trophy, but the Mushas have different ideas! The competition reaches fever pitch and Tom needs to use Big World Magic to ensure that the rightful winner receives the trophy.

So Long Greenhorns

Tom and Twigs have a frenzied, rollercoaster day when they swap spell school for running Ariela's ranch.

Tom needs to use Big World Magic to calm the storm and they all discover that sometimes, the grass isn't always greener!

Squizzle Quest

Tom, Twigs and the others are enjoying a game of squizzle, when the squizzle is lost in the garden of Rickety McGlum, a spider feared for his meanness.

The hunt through the garden infested with slime spitting weeds, becomes a rescue mission and Tom needs to use big world magic and get help from a surprising source to overcome this sticky situation.

Winging it

Tree Fu Tom and his friends try to help Squirmtum realise his dream of flying, but his overexcitement leads to catastrophe!

An action packed aerial rescue becomes an epic underground rolling race against time . 

Tom has to use Big World Magic to save the day.

Wishful Thinking

Twigs causes no end of trouble when he uses a magic pebble to grant his every wish, but even worse could happen if the Mushas get their hands on the pebble.

Battling against a bizarre barrage, Tree Fu Tom has to save the day by using Big World Magic to fight a giant rolling cupcake and an epic slick of slime so that Treetopolis can be saved.

With Friends Like These

When Squirmtum falls out with Tom and the others, the Msha trick him into helping them with a plan for mischief and getting hold of magic spell books.

Tree Fu Tom must unravel the mystery of what the Mushas are plotting in order to win back Squirmtum's friendship, but he needs tio use Big World Magic to get to the bottom of it.

Zigzoo the Zero

Zigzoo decides to give up inventions altogether after the spectacular failure of one of his efforts.

Tree Fu Tom, Twigs, Squirm Turn and Ariela make up silly problems for Zigzoo to solve as they try to encourage him to come back to inventing, but Twigs accidentally causes a disaster that only Zigzoo can fix.

They have to persuade Zigzoo to return to inventing before it is too late, but Big World Magic is needed to save the day too

Zigzoo’s Robot

When Zigzoo builds a robot to help him with his jobs, it quickly causes more problems than it solves!

Tree Fu Tom needs to use Big World Magic to fix the mayhem and mishaps that spring up all over Treetopolis.

Perhaps Zigzoo will learn that it is better to do a few things well than to take on too much and do nothing properly?

Tree Fu Tom and Dyspraxia

Tree Fu Tom was partly developed in conjunction with the Dyspraxia Foundation, because it helps to encourage children to move. Tom has a number of movements that he has to perform in each episode when using his Big World Magic and he asks for help from the children watching the show. They move along with Tom as the magic develops and help to save the day. 5% of children experience developmental coordination disorder and the movements that Tom does are similar to the movements that are used by occupational therapists to help child development. Another aim is that the use of the spells in the show will help to get movement into the lives of young children.

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